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Li-Ning Brand History

Li Ning Company is a sports goods company founded in 1990 by Mr. Li Ning, a well-known "gymnastic prince" in China. After more than 20 years of exploration, Li Ning has gradually become a leading international sports brand company representing China. From the beginning of its establishment, it took the lead in establishing a franchise monopoly marketing system throughout the country to sponsor Chinese sports delegations to participate in various domestic and international competitions for many years; from becoming the first sports goods company to implement ERP in China to the continuous adjustment of brand positioning, and then to 2004 In June, Li Ning Company experienced the development and prosperity of Chinese national enterprises.

Li Ning has brand marketing, R&D, design, manufacturing, distribution and retail capabilities. The products mainly include sports and casual footwear, clothing, equipment and accessories produced by the company. It mainly adopts the outsourcing production and franchise distributor model. It has established a huge supply chain management system and distribution and retail network in China. By the end of 2011, the total number of Li Ning brand stores in China reached 8,255, and it was in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, etc. Regional development business.

Li Ning also adopted a multi-brand business development strategy. While focusing on its own core Li Ning brand, it also (i) established a joint venture with Aigle International SA and was granted a franchise to manufacture, promote, distribute and sell French AIGLE in China. Ai Gao) brand outdoor sports goods; (ii) production, research and development, promotion and sale of DHS brand table tennis and other sports equipment through subsidiaries; (iii) exclusive rights granted by Lotto Sport Italia SpA company to develop in China , manufacture, promote, distribute and sell the Italian sports fashion Lotto brand licensed products; and (iv) engage in the R&D, manufacturing and sales of Kason brand badminton professional products.

Innovation is the foundation of Li Ning's brand development. Since its inception, Li Ning has attached great importance to original design. In 1998, China established the first clothing and footwear product design and development center, and took the lead in becoming a self-developed Chinese sporting goods company. In August 2004, the Hong Kong Design and Development Center was established to focus on designing Li Ning branded apparel products. And maintain close cooperation with major universities and research institutions at home and abroad.

Li Ning Company has long been committed to the development of sports. From the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, Li Ning Company has accompanied the Chinese Sports Corps along the way and has long supported five "Golden Dream Teams" such as Chinese gymnastics, diving, shooting, table tennis and badminton. Provide equipment for the sports team, encourage them to inspire the best state of wisdom and body and mind, and play a good competitive level in the arena. On the international front, Li Ning has formed strategic partnerships with top international competitions and organizations such as NBA and ATP; it has signed O'Neill, Ljubicic, Jose Calderon, Asafa Powell, Isinbayeva, and Hildesson, Cilic, Karlovic and other international top athletes; with the Spanish Olympic Committee, the Spanish Basketball Association, the Swedish Olympic Committee, the Argentine Basketball Association, won the recognition of the top international sports team and individuals, making Li Ning The professional strength of the brand has once again been proven.

As a leader in the domestic sporting goods industry, Li Ning has actively assumed the social responsibilities of corporate citizens while supporting its own development, strengthening its hopes for primary schools, aiding disaster-stricken areas, caring for AIDS orphans, and long-term support for sports education in poverty-stricken areas. The "Sports Together" charity training program uses the advantages of its own sports resources to contribute to building a harmonious society. Mr. Li Ning, the founder of the company, is enthusiastic about public welfare, and implements this sense of social responsibility in the management of the company, leading the overall public welfare values of the company and interpreting the company's vision of actively participating in global public welfare undertakings. At the same time, Li Ning actively promotes the concept of corporate social responsibility in the supply chain through practical actions, assists suppliers to promote the process of corporate social responsibility, and promotes a more responsible business and social environment.

Li Ning Company intends to become an internationally competitive sporting goods brand. As a sporting goods company, Li Ning Company is committed to the creation of professional sports goods with the desire and strength of sports to stimulate people's breakthroughs, and strives to make sports change life and pursue higher breakthroughs. We uphold the company philosophy of "winning dreams", "honesty and promise", "our culture", "excellent performance", "consumer orientation" and "breakthrough", and strive to build Li Ning into a leading global sporting goods company.

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